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Amal Al Beiti

on studying with EMDI

I can hardly believe that our Advertising Batch has come to an end at EMDI! I am extremely grateful for this wonderful learning experience of the Advertising Course at EMDI UAE. It is only when it's all over did I realize just how much I gained from this program. I benefited so much from most of the faculty, and really feel I have added countless valuable skills to my personal growth which build my career further. When you are so indulged in the course, you don't comprehend what exactly is going on. It's only when I was working on my final project did it hit me just how much I learned and frankly it was quite overwhelming. I would also like to acknowledge what a big role Zeon had throughout the course. He has been a wonderful support and has helped me out whenever I needed almost instantly. Having him so available and showing that level enthusiasm even at the toughest times made it so easy for me to stay focused and give it my all. So thank you Zeon once again, I'm not sure what I would have done without your guidance and professionalism. My understanding of the advertising industry and the business industry in general has been acknowledged numerous times at work. And as a result of it my job position has been reconstructed due to my added value. I have also been called for an interview tomorrow by a top advertising agency here which are a wing of the McCann World Group as a result of my final project at EMDI. I'm definitely encouraging friends on the same career level as myself to look into EMDI.

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