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on studying with EMDI

I am extremely thankful for pursuing this excellent course in Advertising & Graphic Design; A course which has definitely opened up a brand new path in my professional life. When I was introduced to EMDI by my friend, I admit that I first took the class because I just wanted to do something for myself, but within the first couple of weeks I considered it one of my favorite courses. This course was exactly a part of my life that I will miss. It was a subject matter I knew little about and even feared. Every lecture blew my mind Initially, it was too much information for me to absorb having come from a totally different background, most of the terms sounded like Chinese to me. There were days, I questioned myself why I chose this course or I simply pulled myself to get to the class but after sometime and getting to learn more, I found myself extremely thirsty & enthusiastic to grab more & more. It might sound a bit nerdy, but I honestly enjoyed working on each & every assignment! I feel like I love each & every details related to this field and has never found myself more passionate & extremely satisfied with what I’m doing! To plan a media plan or study the market segment or even put together a design in illustrator is so much fun and passion! And yes, this is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life. Special thanks for all the support & guidance from Zeon, no matter when I reached him or what for, he was always there with his warm, welcoming & encouraging smile. I must say he is indeed a great asset to EMDI & a great support to students. Someone I can always trust and rely. He knows exactly what he’s doing. I admire his understanding & responsibility.

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