” It saddens me to read such posts about achievement and success.

I have read all of the comments that have been posted to this conversation and although many are of personal opinions and are irrelevant, but to say the least, that is exactly what they are, OPINIONS. The graduation ceremony is an an event where the students get an opportunity to celebrate their personal achievements of completing the course.  Now while this is second nature to most of us, it is a great achievement for them and that is where the focus should lie.

My message is not to the faculty members that have been involved training students for many years, its to the STUDENTS themselves.  The students are the ones that have been up late nights prepping for presentations, working on events and internships while generally getting used to the grilling industry norms.  The students are the ones that should be the focal point of the graduation, not entertainment by them or production or how long it has taken them to get on and off stages etc.  Its their evening of recognition for work well done.  Its about personal achievement.

My message to the students out there is WELL DONE on completing a grueling year and for putting the time in to complete the course.  Many of you work long hours and many of you have families, many of you traveled far to get to EMDI but this did not stop you from being in class at 6:30pm and that alone is dedication to a dream!

You have only just begun…”