EMDI Graduation’15 – Special Awards

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Last week we celebrated the graduation of our 100 plus students across all our programs ie. Event Management, Advertising & Design, Wedding Planning and Pr/ Journalism.

Every Student who received their Diploma was a winner in a true sense crossing over the finish line and accomplishing something that felt impossible at the beginning of the year.

However, few students always land up shining a bit more and in this post we would like to recognize these individuals for their extreme level of commitment to the training and the tasks assigned to them.

Without further ado, here is a bit about each award winner and a little about themselves. Yes! The Industry needs to know about these Fantastic Young Professionals being our there and we are are indeed proud to be the ones putting them on that platform.

1. Adverting Awards:

Advertising Batch – GOLD  AWARD: Ms. Aram Khatibi

01_Advertising Batch14_GOLD AWARD_Aram 

Ranked 1st in class with A Grade  – 78%

Excellent class attendance

Consistently topped every  assignment

Previously was working as an operations manager



Advertising Batch – SILVER AWARD: Mr.Waqas Farooq

02_Advertising Batch '14_SILVER AWARD_Waqas FarooqRanked 2nd with an aggregate 74%.

Was working in the industry already so was able to put in practice what was being taught

The question king at EMDI

Most likely to return back to EMDI as a lecturer in a few years.

The Ad-man from the Ad Kitchen


Advertising Batch – BRONZE AWARD: Ms. Amal Al Beiti

03_Advertising Batch14_BRONZE AWARD_Amal Al-Beiti  This gentle lady was the voice of the  batch

It is said that her kind voice had a way of melting hearts

She questioned everything in the course, all in an endeavour to improve and learn

She scored 73.5% and almost tied for the silver award

Creative and Quick thinking she was always willing to interact with her class and faculty

Moving Reflection Productions is lucky to have this ad-wizard !


2. Wedding Planning Awards:

Wedding Specialization– GOLD AWARD: Ms. Sally El Zayet

04_Wedding Specialization_GOLD AWARD_SallyRanked 1st in class with 89% percentage

Took the extra mile during her assignments to display her knowledge

Has the ability to think out of the box but always hungry for learning

Currently is working as a wedding planner with the Dubai World Trade Centre



Wedding Specialization– SILVER AWARD: Ms. Shahla Jabin

05_Wedding Specialization_SILVER AWARD_Shahla Jabin

Ranked 2nd in class with 86% – A+ Honours

Excellent class participation

Quiet but determined, always asked her faculty members the most relevant questions

Ensured she delivered all her assignments before time – the hallmark of a good planner !

Faculty always said she was a perfect blend of professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail

Shahla couldn’t be present to collect her award due to an emergency but she was dearly missed and we expect her to someday reach the top of  the wedding industry !


Wedding Specialization– BRONZE AWARD: Ms. Lisa Jade Clark

06_Wedding Specialization– BRONZE AWARD_Lisa JadeRanked 3rd in class with 84% p

One of the most soft spoken but determined students

Followed the rules by the book

Simultaneously she was pursuing her Masters’ degree – which did cause a lot of clashes

However she gave the best to the programme and put in all the required steps.


3. Event Management Awards:

Events Batch – Gold Award: Mr.Mariano Ortiz

07  Ranked 1st in class with A + Honours Grade – 81%

When not working loves rehearsing music with his band

Events Company in London

Also was a Club Night Promoter

Now set up an Import / Export Business of fruits/veg/packaged foods from Latin America


Travelled from Abu Dhabi to attend classes

Works with the Ministry of Education as a Trainer & Academic Consultant


Events Batch – SILVER AWARD: Mr. Mrinal Rananavare

MrinalRanked 2nd in class with A+ Honours Grade – 80%

Born in Dubai – studied in Bangalore – and worked on shows ad-hoc in India.

Realised this was his passion and joined us.

Problematic at events in the beginning, which was actually because he needed to be kept busy at all times

Back-bencher who broke the stereotype

Participated in the Eventice, Won the Contest, and today is employed by Eclipse !

Mrinal couldn’t be present for the ceremony and hence his mother collected his award on his behalf.


Events Batch – BRONZE AWARD: Ms. Beverly Bolanos

09  ‘A’ Grade – 78% candidate

had two careers that she was considering

Chef or Event Manager.

She opted for the latter; hence   enrolled with EMDI

She loves to travel and is a guest writer in a UAE travel magazine

She’s also the author of the serialexpat.com

Shortly after this graduation she will be getting married, moving to Singapore, and starting her Events career


4. EMDI Special Awards:

Event Batch – MOST EVENTS DONE : Mr. Deepak R. Munshaney

10Has worked on over 65 different events to gain experience and learn the tricks of the trade.

Events such as the : DIFF + GITEX + Jazz Fest + Neo Run + Kite Festival

Mamma Mia + DSF Concerts + AIBA + Arijit Singh + Peter Pan

D3 Launch + Dubfest + World Yoga Day + Runway Dubai

Formula 1, Ruby 7’s + Cycle Challenge + Hercules

Weddings + Activations + Plays and many more

Willing to say YES to work on events whenever asked by the EMDI management

He also was able to secure a First Class – 72%



12 A Go Getter – his motto is to wake up for Success.

When he wants something he makes enough noise to ensure he gets it!

He loves getting into political debates which has also caused a fair share of debates and arguments in the class

Before EMDI he worked and  volunteered for different companies and after 3 years of events – he joined EMDI. He says his count is 100+ events since 2012.

His future plans involve taking up a masters in events management & even pursuing a PHD thus putting him in an Events Directors seat before 30.

Always willing to help, he formed the class houses, he made jackets for the batch, he always tried to be the right hand man for EMDI !

He believes that someday he will be a President and take over the world.


Event Batch – OUTSTANDING STUDENT: Ms. Abir Mahfouz

11Born and bought up in Lebanon

Graduate in Business Law

Worked in an Institute towards Women Empowerment

Hobbies include Singing / Dancing / Outdoor Sports Activities

Joined Emirates as a cabin crew for 3.5 years

Joined EMDI and within 3 months was hired by a Production Agency as a Business Development Manager

Attended every single event conference, networking event told to her and managed classes and workshops despite flying

Today she is currently freelancing and has launched Latino Models Agency with an Ex-Emdi Student Lorena Serrano

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