What To Look For When Choosing An Events Management Learning Institution

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Countless events are carried out every day. Big corporations, for example, hold special affairs to boost their marketing and generate more sales. Charitable organizations host campaign events to reach as many people as possible to strengthen interest and support for their advocacy. Events are considered some of the most effective marketing strategies; this is the reason why events management specialists are quite in demand. To ensure the success of events, it’s vital to have trained professionals taking the helm.

If you’re considering a career in events management, it’s crucial to get the best education and training. Currently, there are not many learning institutions that specialize in this field. Likewise, not all of those existing are created the same; they have different approaches to learning and their courses focus on different lessons.

Suffice it to say, due to the limited selection of schools, selecting an events management learning institution is not going to be easy. You need to conduct careful research in order to compare schools effectively, and establish which one amongst them fits your learning style. The better the educational advantage, the bigger the boost to ensure a successful career.

So, what are the qualities of the best event management school that you should keep an eye out for? Using EMDI Institute of Media and Communication in Dubai as an example, rounded up below are seven of them.

1. Global recognition

This will serve to your advantage in the job search game once you’ve graduated. You’ll want to have attained certification from a school that has earned respect and is acknowledged by industry players all over the world. If you come from a learning institution that’s known internationally, you won’t have to settle for limited local job opportunities; you can easily compete for employment overseas.

Knowing a globally recognized school is easy enough. First of all, there’s buzz about it. And secondly, you can carry out a background check on the school and learn about its accomplishments in the industry and its associations.

In the case of EMDI Institute of Media and Communication, which is ranked the No.1 Event Management Institute by Edutainment Show – India 2015, it’s a member of the International Live Events Association (ILEA). Plus, it has secured UK’s Pearson Assured Accreditation globally. Likewise, it is a recognized Knowledge Partner- Middle East at the WOW Awards & Convention Asia 2015, and has received The Global Quality Awards for Excellence in Professional Education (Media & Communication). It has a stellar background considering how it’s still a relatively new school.

2. Global presence

Having campuses or centers in other countries provides students the wonderful chance to broaden their horizons and understand how the industry works in foreign locations. EMDI has centers in India, Dubai and Africa, and our students are presented with the opportunity to learn and work on projects globally.

3. Strategically advantageous location

The institution is right where it’s completely relevant. EMDI is the perfect example of a strategically located learning institution. It’s in UAE’s most progressive emirate – Dubai.

This city is the most happening place when it comes to events not just in the nation, but in all of the Middle East. Dubai is the media and events hub of the world and it will be hosting Expo2020. This obviously means that in terms of being in the know and part of the most important events, EMDI, an international event management school, automatically secures an advantage for its students due to being right where all the action happens.

4. It has industry experts as professors or trainers.

When you have the most experienced movers and shakers teaching you, you’ll cease to require or even become dependent on textbooks (because your professors are practically walking textbooks).

You can also be certain that you’re learning information that is accurate and proven effective. These professionals are responsible for teaching the best creative media courses and sharing the principles that serve as pillars for the event management industry. As such, they are the best sources of knowledge.

5. All courses offered are industry-relevant.

This is a clear indication that the school truly specializes in events management and is committed to producing graduates that will excel in the field. When a school is focused solely on this field, and thus makes use of live events as a way for students to learn on the job, it also means that it doesn’t exist only as a business but as a reliable training ground as well.

6. Focused on student development.

The school is not only focused on instruction but also provides numerous opportunities for knowledge application and creating meaningful connections. This is a non-traditional approach that works in ensuring students graduate from the institution ready and confident for the career they want.

When a learning institution places a strong value on student development, greater knowledge is the result. There’s the assurance of the following:

  • Optimum knowledge retention
  • Appropriate application of lessons
  • Encouraged creativity or resourcefulness

All of these are essential for your career.

Some student development-focused provisions of EMDI are live projects and internships with both local and international event management agencies.

7. Dynamic learning systems

At EMDI, video and online learning systems are accessible to students. All lectures conducted at the EMDI campus are recorded on video for future reference. All students have to do is go to the web-based login platform and search for their study material.

It’s always an advantage to attend an institution that caters to different forms of study or learning through online or virtual classes. This demonstrates consideration toward the different kinds of students there are, some of whom are young professionals with day jobs. Others are busy adults who are exploring event management as a side career option.

A good school will serve as one of your best assets in establishing a career in the event management industry, so don’t enroll in just any learning institution. Take the time to compare all your options to see which school possesses all the qualities listed above and can provide you the most advantages. If you live in Dubai, you will not find a better school option than EMDI.