Taking Wedding Planning to the Next Level…

A few of our Wedding Planning Students had a chance to recently be part of a real life Wedding Scenario with trainers – Founders from / of Vivaah ME for 3 whole days of actual Wedding Production work.

They were the first of many in the Batch to be picked to work on the first of many Weddings that the Batch is being offered with regards to internships via our trainers who are from the actual business of Wedding Planning.

These students were strategically placed as shadows and given various aspects of handling different tasks of the wedding. Some of them even went the extra mile and connected with different vendors and learned about different equipment being used, thus taking complete advantage of their given opportunity through EMDI and Vivaah ME. We at EMDI thank Team Vivaah for reaching out to our students in this way!

As we look forward to many more of them getting handpicked by trainers from now on to work on the field and gather more valid experience and exposure for weddings in the region; parallel to their field experience, it’s time to take their Classroom Training to the next level as well with different workshops that will test the boundary of their creativity and put them into the shoes of real Wedding Planners

The Next Stage – Begins Now!

We are completely ready to train this new Breed of Wedding Planners with the Industry, for the Industry.

The real question is, Are you ready – our Dear Future Wedding Planners ?

If so, Let’s do this…

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