That which maketh EMDI Special…


Alan Gordon
(Honorary Chairman at EMDI UAE / Chief Marketing Officer at Majid Al Futtaim)


Over the years I have come to realize something.

EMDI is special.

Special in the way it looks to doing things differently. It has its own unique style that stands out from the ordinary and does not follow the mundane approach to learning.

Special in the way it’s founding team actually knows the students and passionately care about their outcome and goals.

Special in that the students are allowed to participate and engage and are given distinctive opportunities that other courses would not.

Special in that each year we see hungrier, creative, and talented individuals grow and relish fruitful employment.

All of this was apparent at this years ‘Graduation Party’, and that’s the right description. A special gathering for all involved to acknowledge and celebrate together the exceptional moment in time when our graduates receive their pass to their future.

To this years’ graduates, and all those that continue to support our students over the years, it’s good to be special, and you all are.

Stay Special.

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