Why A Career In Public Relations Can Make You A Better Professional

PR Skills Produce Better Professionals

Successful public relations professionals are strong communicators, critical thinkers, great storytellers, and well-rounded individuals. Judging from these admirable qualities , it’s no wonder pursuing a career in the PR industry can make you a better professional all around.

Basic media and communication knowledge is necessary for the PR industry. But apart from that, it is the associated soft skills that will help you become a better person. These include emotional intelligence, relationship building and creativity.

7 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Public Relations

1. You always learn new things.

PR professionals are constantly interacting with different people and media outlets. Consequently, they need to stay updated on various topics to keep their ideas fresh and relevant.

Ideally, you need to spend several hours a week to read, listen, or watch materials that fall outside of your interests. This way, you get to know the latest trends in different industries as well as the interests of your clients. Being exposed to a diverse range of topics will help you connect unrelated interests and trends for more effective PR.

2. You get to tell stories.

Storytelling remains popular and powerful as customers respond rapidly to emotion, not to sales pitches. Being a PR professional teaches you to become a good storyteller. You need to learn how to relay accounts of what people did that delighted them, got them promoted, and annoyed them.

Learning through such stories is one of the reasons why behavioral interviewing gained popularity. You’ll learn to perfect some good stories of your own, which you can use to effectively overcome challenges related to delivering projects on budget and on time.

Illustrating your accomplishments through stories is a skill that will help you become a better professional. It tends to leave more positive impressions compared to just using adjectives to showcase your achievements.

3. You find yourself working with diverse companies.

In the PR world, you will most likely work with organizations of any size and from various industries – from small companies to corporate giants. Also, you can take an in-house role or work as a solo practitioner.

A career in PR allows you to work in any field and do what you love. From lifestyle to leisure, cars to consumer, technology to travel – the PR industry lets you combine your interests with your work. It is an industry that allows you to transform your passion into great earnings.

4. Every working day is different.

Unlike the usual office jobs that require you to do similar tasks each day, PR work is so varied that each working day is unique.

You might be writing a contributed article or a speech today. The next day, you must come up with a strategy for an organization that is ready to launch. The day after that, you need to pitch a new product presentation. The variety keeps the PR industry spirited and fascinating.

There will be times when you’ll be asked to work on projects or execute event jobs that are outside of your expertise. Think of these as a challenge and an opportunity for you to test new waters, spread your wings, and get noticed by your senior executives. This will also help expand your skill set.

The PR world allows you to tackle something new each day. The result? You are constantly learning something new and fueling your creativity. A PR career is both satisfying and challenging.

5. You become part of a team.

PR is not an island. It involves different departments across different organizations, such as engineering, sales, and marketing. Along the way, you will meet countless people and learn about what they do. Having the opportunity to meet new people is always fun. Also, it teaches you to deal with individuals who have different attitudes, cultures and perspectives.

Make it a point to interact with someone from another department. For instance, have lunch or coffee with them. Each time you’ll do so, you will surely learn something new and gain new, helpful insights. These conversations can even turn into newsletter stories.

Other discussions may also serve as red flags that deserve respect. Mostly, such stories will help you gain a better understanding of the company’s culture and your co-workers’ views and motivations.

6. You learn to handle life’s many curve balls.

PR, many will admit, is quite a stressful field. This is an industry where there’s no dull moment, where there is often a crisis that must be handled immediately, where last-minute assignments frequently pop up, and where things are constantly being added to your to-do list.

A career in PR teaches you to go with the flow and deal with challenges as they come, instead of giving up. Prioritization and planning are the keys to success, and those are not always something you learn entirely in school.

7. PR embraces innovations.

To be relevant, you need to embrace tech innovations and understand next-generation applications. This way, you can resonate with your audiences. It is an uncertain and interesting place to live – this profession – wherein you try to fully understand emerging technology and then apply the principles. Whether it is through the use of virtual reality to connect with your clients or the use of data visualization to tell stories, you live on the cutting edge.

A career in PR arms you with plenty of valuable skills. The speaking, writing and organizational skills you can gain from this industry can be applied to your day-to-day interactions and to any line of work. Thriving in this industry also entails a keen understanding of what is going on around the world because it is your job to position your clients in the middle of relevant events. Most importantly, your experiences will boost your confidence.