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Elisa Fausto

Free Lancer

After a 14 year career in the airline industry, I asked myself what's next? I decided to pursue a career in events by enrolling in the EMDI Events Management Diploma Course. It was the best career decision of my life! The course provided me with the tools to find my own little niche in the Events Industry. EMDI provides students with world-class faculty who give practical advice and lessons from their vast personal and professional experience. Like everything else in life, what you get out of the course is a function of what you are willing to put into it. One needs to make the time and invest the energy into developing strong relationships with fellow students and the faculty, many of whom have become a big part of my life as I chart my course in the Events Industry. The Dubai City Quest, which focused on promoting Sustainable Public Transport in the Emirate last March 2011, is an example of the professional knowledge and support gained from EMDI and my personal passion. Despite being active in the fitness industry, a trained Yoga instructor, doing freelance events and a busy family and travel schedule, I found it relatively easy to stay on top of the curriculum. This is because EMDI offer various delivery options to students in receiving course content. EMDI maintains the right balance between letting you spread your wings whilst providing a map and compass to navigate through the challenges in executing a successful event. I highly recommend EMDI to anyone who has the passion and dedication to maximize the wonderful opportunities they provide. I am proud and honored to be a product of EMDI.

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