EMDI (15-16) Batch Desert-Halloween-Freshers’ Party!

EMDI (15-16) Batch Desert-Halloween-Freshers' Party!

Witches ! Gorillas! Zombies ! Random other beasts and even the formidable Joker from residents of a place called EMDI – all the ingredients that made the desert come alive last week as our new Batch of students gathered together for a night a fun and frolic in the creepiest way possible !

It was one long spooky night that brought together the management and students of different batches sand bashing and dancing away under the roof of the stars!

With perhaps only the Dark Knight missing (Perhaps on his rounds) the night was truly owned by the Joker and his croonies…

With a good start to a fresh batch – we continue trudging onto more training and get-togethers !