Management’s Message



It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to EMDI Institute of Media & Communication, a venture of Greycells Education Ltd., which is rapidly becoming a phenomenon in the field of education with an impressive portfolio of institutions spanning EMDI Institute of Media & Communication (EMDI), The World Media Academy (WMA) & The Wedding Academy (TWA). The Institute is based on a new model of education – where Industry enters academia to inspire a breed of enterprising students. We call them EMDI’ites!

Careers within the Entertainment, Tourism, Media & Communication industries are considered an extremely lucrative option in today’s job market, as these careers are fast paced and drivers of the global economy. Just look at the euphoria of the Expo 2020! For every course that is offered at EMDI, there is a huge potential for employment and entrepreneurship – where freelance professionals are often sought after for their services.

As you delve into this prospectus you will understand the passion and commitment that we put behind each program, each lecture, and most importantly, behind each student! Our graduates and alumni members are already successfully working in various advertising agencies, event companies, PR firms and media houses across all our centres.

I am confident you will find your learning with EMDI a stimulating and rewarding experience.

Mr. Alan Gordon

Honorary Chairman

Since our regional launch in 2004, EMDI has become an established brand in the field of Event Management, Media and Creative Education. The Industry has warmly supported EMDI over the last decade, and our accreditation by UK’s largest vocational accrediting board – Pearson – is another such endorsement!

Mr. Jean Oosthuizen

Honorary Dean

EMDI’s method of training is very unique and practical, giving students hands on experience whilst they learn at the same time. Across all our courses, we strive to ensure perfection in delivering the latest content, by the best industry faculty & relevant work experiences.

Ms. Dalida D'Souza

Deputy GM

Students enrolling with us grow in a multitude of ways i.e. knowledge enhancement through our comprehensive curriculums and unparalleled industry and peer interactions building relationships and memories that last a lifetime…