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Shamim Ismail

Free Lancer

I have had a wonderful time at EMDI. Honestly speaking with all the ups and downs, my experience has been unforgettable. From the Induction day to date it has been an extra ordinary feeling. EMDI is a great institute; staffs there are very warm, welcoming and ready to assist/talk as and when needed. Given the opportunity, I would love to do the Masters in Events Management and I am also interested in the other courses like Graphic Design and PR and Journalism run by EMDI Today, I have imbibed the skills to work as a freelancer in the events industry or can confidently organize small scale events on my own. The course has given me the confidence and assurance to think out of the box. I have been privileged to be educated from well known figures in the market. I was thrilled to meet some well known celebrities whilst working on the events through EMDI. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about pursuing a career in Events Management.

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