Hear it from the Students at EMDI

Amal Al Beiti

on studying with EMDI

I can hardly believe that our Advertising Batch has come to an end at EMDI! I am extremely grateful for this wonderful learning experience of the Advertising Course at EMDI UAE. It is only when it's all over did I realize just how much I gained from this program.

Aram Khatibi

on studying with EMDI

I am extremely thankful for pursuing this excellent course in Advertising & Graphic Design; A course which has definitely opened up a brand new path in my professional life. When I was introduced to EMDI by my friend, I admit that I first took the class because I just wanted to do something for myself, but within the first couple of weeks I considered it one of my favorite courses. This course was exactly a part of my life that I will miss.

Sumerah Saeed

on studying with EMDI

Being an event planner is about organizing yourself and others, building strong relationships, and thinking about how your guests will experience their time at the event. This was just the beginning of a course that focused on the process that involves studying the intricacies of the brand, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, planning the logistics.

Sharmila Srinivas

House Wife

I have an MBA from Osmania University, Hyderabad, and work experience with Standard Chartered Bank under my belt. But the desire to pursue my dream of managing events on the world stage made me embark on what was a challenging but fulfilling journey with EMDI.

  • I have an MBA from Osmania University, Hyderabad, and work experience with Standard Chartered Bank under my belt. But the desire to pursue my dream of managing events on the world stage made me embark on what was a challenging but fulfilling journey with EMDI. The flexibility of the event management Diploma course and Master's Course at the institute allowed me to spend time with my children and bear family responsibilities. The course helped me understand the theoretical intricacies involved in managing events of differing magnitudes and also helped me to gain practical exposure through live event management. In this exhilarating and entertaining experience with EMDI, I developed the necessary skill sets and also a large network of contacts that would help me to fulfill my aspirations of being a successful event manager.

    Sharmila Srinivas
    Sharmila SrinivasHouse Wife
  • After a 14 year career in the airline industry, I asked myself what's next? I decided to pursue a career in events by enrolling in the EMDI Events Management Diploma Course. It was the best career decision of my life! The course provided me with the tools to find my own little niche in the Events Industry. EMDI provides students with world-class faculty who give practical advice and lessons from their vast personal and professional experience. Like everything else in life, what you get out of the course is a function of what you are willing to put into it. One needs to make the time and invest the energy into developing strong relationships with fellow students and the faculty, many of whom have become a big part of my life as I chart my course in the Events Industry. The Dubai City Quest, which focused on promoting Sustainable Public Transport in the Emirate last March 2011, is an example of the professional knowledge and support gained from EMDI and my personal passion. Despite being active in the fitness industry, a trained Yoga instructor, doing freelance events and a busy family and travel schedule, I found it relatively easy to stay on top of the curriculum. This is because EMDI offer various delivery options to students in receiving course content. EMDI maintains the right balance between letting you spread your wings whilst providing a map and compass to navigate through the challenges in executing a successful event. I highly recommend EMDI to anyone who has the passion and dedication to maximize the wonderful opportunities they provide. I am proud and honored to be a product of EMDI.

    Elisa Fausto
    Elisa FaustoFree Lancer
  • Joining EMDI was the best decision of my life. to begin with a warm welcome, a wide exposure to the events in UAE and getting various opportunities to be a project leader. After a successful year in diploma there was no looking back. Hence, I am currently doing my Master with EMDI and this has given me an opportunity to work with a Events & Advertising company called East West Advertising, Dubai. So proud to be a part of The EMDI Family!! :)

    Vanessa Veigas
    Vanessa VeigasEast West Advertising
  • I joined EMDI in Sept. 2009, looking to the Wedding Planning course, as my company Rightstar Novelties is One Stop Solution for all weddings, but I was looking for that certification making me different from the competition. When I dropped by to the institute, my imagination was blown away with the Diploma course opportunities EMDI offers and what new horizons EMDI can take me professionally and personally. After completing the Diploma in Event Management and Innovative Marketing, I decided to join the Master Events course, and am heading one of our core projects called Uth Nation. Juggling EMDI with my work life is quite a task, but this is one experience you will never forget and cherish for time to come, as EMDI will be the foundation bricks to your event life. During my time at EMDI, I have taken back a lot stuff I have learnt here and used these skills and knowledge in my business.

    Rana Raja Sajnani
    Rana Raja SajnaniMarketing & Events Director Rightstar Novelties LLC
  • My name is Victoria Fernandes, I moved to Dubai around 2yrs ago from Pakistan to work. Professionally I have 8yrs of secretarial experience in different industries. Personally I'm a very socially active person. There is always this One question in everyone's head - "What is my purpose in Life?" or How can I be "Larger than Life". And there is always only One answer – You need to do exactly, what you Love to do. My Chemistry with Events is Insane. The "Passion" drives it – Professional experience keeps everything organized and all the Skills & Event Experience I've gain from EMDI, gives me the confidence and the knowledge to Ace it. So – As Spiderman says, "Not everyone is meant to make a difference. But for me, the choice to lead an ordinary life is no longer an option." :) *Wink*

    Victoria Nazareth
    Victoria NazarethReckitt Benckiser
  • I did the Diploma in Event Management and Innovative Marketing course at EMDI. After a year I continued with the Master's Program in Event Management. Through EMDI I then Co- organized the Dubai City Quest Event and signed up to as many events as my schedule allowed as I was also a full time Cabin Crew. Often I get questioned where do I find time to do so much??? I must say it is not easy. But when you enjoy what you do, You will always find the time. EMDI has given me the opportunity to fulfill my passion for conceptualizing and organizing events while doing the other things I love most which is discovering the rest of the world. Life is what you make it .Find your Passion and you will find the energy to achieve what you want. All the best !!

    MJ Winstanley
    MJ Winstanley
  • I have had a wonderful time at EMDI. Honestly speaking with all the ups and downs, my experience has been unforgettable. From the Induction day to date it has been an extra ordinary feeling. EMDI is a great institute; staffs there are very warm, welcoming and ready to assist/talk as and when needed. Given the opportunity, I would love to do the Masters in Events Management and I am also interested in the other courses like Graphic Design and PR and Journalism run by EMDI Today, I have imbibed the skills to work as a freelancer in the events industry or can confidently organize small scale events on my own. The course has given me the confidence and assurance to think out of the box. I have been privileged to be educated from well known figures in the market. I was thrilled to meet some well known celebrities whilst working on the events through EMDI. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about pursuing a career in Events Management.

    Shamim Ismail
    Shamim IsmailShamim Ismail
  • My name is Olije Adekoya, 41year old, with a HND in secretarial administration, PG diploma in Public Admin and Msc. Project Management, a housewife and a mother of 4 kids (2boys and 2girls) and resides in Sur in the Sultanate of Oman. I commenced Event Management course in EMDI Institute in September 2010 through an advert I saw at Lamcy Plaza and the course has exposed me to what events management is really about. Events Management course in this college not only taught me good events management but also has exposed me to the practicality/professionalism of various types of events. I have always had a passion to be a professional event manager which EMDI INSTITUTE has nurtured me to be through practical experience from various events that I have done with the institute. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the entire staff of the institute and proud to recommend this institute to anybody who wants to be well grounded as a professional event manager. I am happy to be associated with EMDI INSTITUTE of Media and Communication.

    Olije Adekoya
    Olije AdekoyaHouse Wife / Free Lancer from Oman
  • Hi, my name is Vanitha D Almeida and am a full time mom. Worked for a year with an advertising company and then quit when my son was born. As my son grew older I decided it was time to reignite my career. EMDI was the perfect setting for establishing a new skill and vocation. The extremely thorough and comprehensive course with knowledgeable faculty whose experience was imparted to me was the highlight. Practical experience with 20 major event companies provided the internal working of event management companies. The challenge to present the right blend of theory and practical skills to a class of varying experience was difficult. A great job was done by the faculty and management. I highly recommend this course if you have the dedication and a feel for events.

    Vanitha D Almeida
    Vanitha D AlmeidaHouse Wife