I have always been impressed by the enthusiasm and energy displayed by the students at EMDI, and have been proud to play a small part in their development in the last few years. They always approach my presentation with curiosity and interest, and I believe that in many of them, I am addressing the leaders of tomorrow.

Yousef Tuqan Tuqan

Company Name: Leo Burnett
Designation: Chief Innovation Officer

EMDI's method of training is very unique and practical, giving students hands on experience whilst they learn at the same time. Across all our courses, we strive to ensure perfection in delivering the latest content, by the best industry faculty & relevant work experiences.

Jean Oosthuizen

Company Name: Link Viva FZ LLC
Designation: Events Director

Since our regional launch in 2004, EMDI has become an established brand in the field of Event Management, Media and Creative Education. The Industry has warmly supported EMDI over the past 10 years, and our accreditation by UK's largest vocational accrediting board - EdExcel - is another such endorsement!

Alan Gordon

Company Name: Majid Al Futtaim
Designation: Chief Marketing Officer

EMDI provides a much needed and extremely valuable resource for new talent. Through a very structured approach, EMDI exposes students to many areas of the industry, equipping them with a very broad knowledge of both technical and practical aspects of event planning, production and management. HQ has recruited EMDI students for both temporary and full time positions, with great success.

Katie Veira

Company Name: HQ Creative
Designation: Executive Director

“There is always a difference between a classroom and reality outside of the classroom. EMDI bridges that difference by involving industry experts who come in as faculty and share their expertise with hopefuls who wish to stick their necks out in various industries. And that I think is the single most important factor of EMDI's success rate. Building foundations based on theorem and real-world fundamentals."

Dev J Haldar

Company Name: (Radio)
Designation: Media Expert